Thursday, November 03, 2005


I know I'm the only person in America who has watched and loved every episode of Martha Stewart's Apperntice. But my love has nothing to do with the challenges, battles, or even Martha. With me, it's been all about the men. And now that all the bitchy gay guys and mean girls are out, all of my favorite Man Candies are getting more screen-time. So we get to see them at leaisure more than ever before. Yeah, I'd love any of the final three men to be the my bedroom. Yeah I said it. In addition to being hot (in their own unique ways) they even have their own websites cause they're smart like that. (Sigh)

Here's the lowdown so you can throwdown and start the hoedown.

Ryan Danz
He's the kind of guy that you would bring home to your mother and she'd try to sleep with him. He's that nice. And that hot. He looks good in a suit and good dressed as a cheesy superhero. And wait till you see him naked! (kidding, I've only seen him naked in my imagination.)

Howie Greenspan
Howie equals handsome. Women love him. Babies love him. And men want to sit in his lap.

Jim Bozzini
He's been labeled as the Male Omorasa. Most people hate him but I love him. He's an arrogant asshole and I wish I could fight with him so we could have the best make-up sex and then fight about the sex and then repeat and repeat and repeat.
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