What other people say about Popcrazy:

Filling what in hindsight must be a widespread need, PopCrazy.com is the secret handshake club for those who love pop stars, WB shows, or other bits of pop culture "that the rest of the world thinks is dumb." -- USA Today (Hot Sites selection)

"Working with a skilled school of energetic contributors, the site serves as an online publication that samples soaps, rates the latest pop albums and, of course, keeps watch on the activities of David Hasselhoff." -- Editor & Publisher

Popcrazy is for anyone who has ever been ashamed of loving a pop star, a teen show on the WB, or any aspect of pop culture that the rest of the world thinks is dumb.

We are supposed to be hip twentysomethings, obsessed with our careers and our love lives. But somehow amidst all the stress we've developed a dangerous and all-consuming addiction: Pop culture!

That's why popcrazy is here. We will always welcome you. We will never think you are wrong for loving the Gilmore Girls, or Slurpees, or Pamela Anderson. And if we laugh, it's just because we think you are soooo right.

If you're tired of sitting quietly at cocktail parties while everyone else talks about PBS or some "classic" movie, it's time to let it all out and get popcrazy!

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