Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tyra Vs. Martha

This fall the biggest fight won't be in UsWeekly or InTouch. This autumn, the feud between two of entertainment's biggest divas will be televised. Daytime AND Nightime. It all begins as Tyra Banks struts her stuff and readys the catwalk for cycle five of her primetime reality hit show America's Next Top Model which premieres Sept. 21. But just to get you prepped before the big night, Tyra Banks new syndicated daytime talk show begins Sept 12. She's doing double-duty, but so is someone else, and this bitch has an ankle bracelet. The same night as America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart premieres September 21. And not to be outdone, Martha's syndicated home-living talk show premieres daytime September 12. Who's will be better? Who's will be bitchier? We'll just have to wait and see. To learn more, check out the link.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How Much Is That Dog In Your Pocket

Do you want a puppy but your boyfriend is too allergic and mean to get you one? Do you want to carry around a chihuahua like Paris Hilton, but are too freaked out by the fact that it could crap at any time?

Well now there's a way that you can have it all, thanks to those Japanese geniuses at Nintendo!

Nintendo has come out with the coolest set of three new video games for their new Nintendo DS portable hand-held gaming system, cleverly named Nintendogs! Each game contains different breeds of dogs that you can train, teach and even pet!

I'm just waiting for them to come out with Nintendates! Until then, I'll be in my room alone with my NintendoDS and my virtual dog Pupcake.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ooh, I love stuff like this

I know it's just glorified product placement, but the StarBrand.TV website makes it so easy for fans of The OC to buy the same shirt Julie has or a lamp from Summer's bedroom. (I'm just glad the ladies like American Apparel, because it means I can dress the same without having to buy anything!)

Starbrand has stuff from other shows, too, but since I don't have cable, I don't care at all about dressing like the cast of Queer as Folk or The L Word.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My conversation with Tony Danza

In the scheme of all things popcrazy, this is probably not very high up on the list of amazing celebrity encounters, but I thought it was worth mentioning nonetheless.

So, I'm covering the phones for a VP of Development, whose assistant stepped away from the desk to go to the bathroom. The phone rings. I pick up. A very congested and very New Yawk voice launches into the following:

It's Tony.

Hi Tony.

Oh my God, I am so sorry! Can you please tell _______ I am so sorry about yesterday. I'm sick as a dog here.

Suddenly, I remembered that Tony Danza had stood up this VP yesterday for lunch and I realized who the hell I was talking to.

Oh sure. I'll let her know.

And make sure to let her know I'll be sending flowers--you know, all that good bullshit.

Sure thing. (A pause.) Feel better.

Thanks, kid.

Can you guys believe how close to Judith Light I was at that moment? Goosebumps, kid. Goosebumps.
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