David Hasselhoff in Jekyll & Hyde This is the Moment
David Hasselhoff in Jekyll & Hyde: The Pay-per-view

On Saturday March 10, 2001, we got a few friends together for a very special event -- the pay-per-view of Jekyll & Hyde, starring none other than popcrazy favorite David Hasselhoff. After the thrilling conclusion, we passed out questionnaires to all in attendance. Here's how this Hasselhoff spectacular affected their lives.

The viewers:

Michelle - publicity assistant at Warner Brothers
Kim - web guy for FunnyGarbage.com
Amy - Sarah's boss
Sarah - works for Amy (and popcrazy!)
Donovan - marketing guy at Matador
Dan - animator at Blue's Clues
Meredith - graphic designer for a jewelry company (and popcrazy!)
Lisa - web girl at NRDC (and popcrazy!)

How would you rate David Hasselhoff's acting performance?

Sarah: I feel as though this role really gave him the opportunity to exploit the spotlight he loves so much...but unfortunately I feel as though the script really held him back. All in all - the material was weak, but Hasselhoff was excellent.

Donovan: Somewhere between absolutely brilliant and amazingly overwrought. He put his heart into it, but it just really didn't work for me. I kept waiting for Pam Anderson to show up.

Dan: Mr. Hasselhoff's performance was extraordinarily moving.

Meredith: Better than Knight Rider. But not as good as the "Hobie's getting married" episode of Baywatch Hawaii.

Rank Hasselhoff's singing vs. acting abilities:

Michelle: Acting: 8, Singing: 5, Sexiness: 10+. Overall I'd give him a 7. His passion was overwhelming.

Amy: Hmm... hard to say. But I'd have to say acting. When he writes in his journal, his inner monologue so subtly portrays his angst. Not that the singing wasn't superb.

Lisa: Both excellent, as witnessed in the half and half song [when Hasselhoff alternates characters, changing from Jekyll to Hyde with each line].

Donovan: He's no Sebastian Bach. In fact, I kept thinking of Meatloaf for some reason.

Photo of Sarah and DanWhat was your favorite musical number?

Michelle/Sarah/Dan/Lisa: This is the moment.

All: The best lyrics were in the song that started "There's been another murder/Just like that other murder."

Give an overall rating of your Jekyll and Hyde viewing experience:

Dan: Jekyll and Hyde starring David Hasselhoff was an amazing sight to behold. It was better than Tron. Just kidding. Tron rules.

Kim: The experience was great...I was entertained. You can sum up entertainment in one word and that word is "Hasselhoff."

Amy: Much better on pay-per-view than in the theater. The camera loves David. Plus, we got to see him up close when he rips his shirt open.

Sarah: I am torn between the idea that I would have enjoyed the live spectacle of the Broadway play, and the fact that I would've been thrown out of the theater for laughing so hard.

Meredith: I wasn't drunk enough.

Photo of reviewers
Donovan, Sarah, Dan, Michelle, Amy, Meredith, Kim
Where would you like to see Hasselhoff's career go next?

Dan: He should be President.

Michelle: The Sopranos. I think he's a natural thug.

Lisa: Another musical! And I want him to release an album in the U.S. for once.

Kim: On hiatus. At least long enough for me to recover from his dabbling in musical theatre.

Amy: He should join the cast of V.I.P.

Sarah: Motocross

Donovan: The next James Bond.

Meredith: Back to the beach.

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