Photo of Brande Roderick walking towards us.
   Brande Roderick outside of Tower.
Sarah and Lisa endured a New York City sidewalk and an exceptionally hot May day just to ask Baywatch star Brande Roderick (Playmate of the Year to you, "Leigh" to us) a few questions during her personal appearance at Tower Video.

Popcrazy: So are you a really good swimmer? Sometimes the water they have you guys swim in [on Baywatch] looks pretty rough.

Creepy Playboy Guy interjects: Yeah, she's a good swimmer! She swims like a fish!

Brande Roderick: Yeah, I'm a good swimmer. The water they put us in is usually pretty dangerous, but they shoot it in such a way to make it look way more dangerous.

Sarah and Lisa with Brande RoderickPopcrazy: How hot is Jason Momoa in person?

Brande Roderick: (very earnestly) Pretty Hot. (laughs)

Lisa and Sarah have their picture taken with her.

Sarah: Oh, we're going to look like trolls next to you.

Photo of Brande Roderick's autograph
   Brande Roderick's autograph!
Brande Roderick: Oh, you guys! No way!

As they thank her earnestly, she volunteers...

Brande Roderick: Well, you guys are going to be really excited because we're actually filming a Baywatch reunion movie that's going to be on Fox, so you guys should look out for that!

Brande Roderick is the nicest, prettiest girl in the world.

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